Aura Cleansing Spray
Aura Cleansing Spray

Aura Cleansing Spray

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Our Aura Cleanser Spray is infused with pure essential oils and charged pyramid water to cleanse the auric body, dispel negative energy, and help realign the chakras. Our aura cleanser spray is skin safe, vegan, chemical-free and eco-friendly. For an extra layer of protection, use this after showering with our signature Aura Cleansing Body Wash. You will feel amazing!

 Use this Aura cleansing spray to cleanse yourself after a long hectic day, carry it in your purse while on the go, keep a bottle  at work or school to protect your energy from hostile people and stressful environments. It is common for most people to purchase at least 2 bottles, one for the home, and the other for on the go (travel, work, school,etc.)